Russian Business Visas

russian passportBusiness visas are the most popular ones among business people. These visas can be obtained for a longer term that tourist visas and the Consulate processing period is usually shorter.

Officially business visas are intended for foreign citizens who travel to Russia to meet their business partners, take presentation, sign a contract, visit an exhibition, etc. You do not need to prepare hotel reservation or an itinerary to get a business visa.

These visas do not imply official employment in Russia.

Firstly, you should get an official invitation from a Russian firm. Business visas allow stay in Russia up to 12 months and can be single-, double- or multiple-entry. Business invitations are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. To apply for an invitation, your inviting company should be officially registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In some cases, the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can send a special telex instead of the paper invitation letter to the Russian Consulate chosen by you.

Please make sure to choose the agency that can provide registration of your visa in Russia and help in exceptional cases.

Your sponsoring company will be the party to whom you trust your well-being and safety in Russia for a term up to 1 year.

russian business visa

Terms and price for issuing the actual visa will depend on the Consulate, and sometimes on the applicant's citizenship. Usually, the amount is higher for quicker processing and for longer visas.